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Browser Support

Luda supports most modern browsers, for browsers not supported, you can use Luda degeradation script as a fallback.

Supported Browsers


Latest Versions


Latest Versions


Latest Versions


Latest Versions


Latest Versions

Luda targets all recent versions of above modern browsers and doesn’t include unnecessary polyfills nor browser prefixers. For old version browsers, Luda degradation script can be used to redirect to a degradation page. If old version browsers are still your main targets, you can add extra polyfills and prefixers by yourself with tools like Babel and Autoprefixer.

The Degeradation Script

Luda degeradation script is a tiny Javascript file which can detect if the APIs used in Luda are supported in browsers. If any API not supported, the degeradation script will try to redirect to a degradation url. The url can be defined by adding the data-degradation-url attribute to the <html> tag or the <script> tag which includes the degradation script. If this attribute is not defined, the content of body will be replaced by “Please visit this site with a modern browser.”.

The degeradation script is simple to use, include the script before any other scripts in your template and set a degradation url like below.

<script data-degradation-url="your_degradation_url" src=""></script>

If you use assets bundlers to import the degeradation script, make sure it’s bundled as a standalone file.

Import in Node.js Apps

import 'luda/src/js/degeradation'

Import in Ruby on Rails Apps

//= require luda-degeradation

Import in Hanami Apps

<% javascript 'luda-degeradation' %>